Whether we like it or not, the office is almost like a second home, especially for those people that are deep into the 9-5 work day lifestyle. That’s why it’s really important to have a very healthy working environment. Coworkers form a huge part of this environment. Human beings are different and the office is one of the places that you’ll meet different types of people at once, throughout different stages in your career. Some of them might end up being your closest friends while some might just be reason you up and leave your job. Here are 5 types of coworkers you probably won’t miss at the office.

The Email Over Loader

This type of coworker likes to bombard people with emails even on some of the most mundane things. You could be sitting just next to each other and that still won’t be enough for them to just turn and ask you for that file that is sitting right on your desk. To make things worse, they have this habit of CC-ing everyone in the department.

The Fashionista

The Office Crush

There is always that one person who loves to keep up with the fashion trends and honestly we love to keep up with them. Whether its the guy who is always in a statement suit or the poised and elegant lady who is always in heels; lets not forget the recent graduate who loves to risk it all with colors and trends. These are the coworkers who remind us that ‘People will always stare.Make it worth their while’.

The Boss's Favorite

Remember when we always had the teacher’s pet back in school; the one who was liked best by the teacher and therefore was treated better than everyone else. Well it’s the same thing at work. There is always one person who never gets the same treatment as the rest. The staffer may be a long-time employee, a close friend of your manager or a high producer for the business who is allowed leeway in behavior and attitude because they bring in significant revenue for the company.

The Latecomer

We all probably have been late for work once or twice but there is usually that one person who is ever late. Funny thing is that they always have a tight alibi when asked why. It’s always some unavoidable natural occurrence that cannot be questioned.

The Big Surprise

This is the coworker who we all tend to judge at first.  They seem mean, stand off-ish and frankly the last person anyone would go to for help. However, with a little time and patience, these people turn out to be the some of the kindest human beings ever. You find out that they are actually the nicest in the office and they are the ones who will actually have your back when shit hits the fan.

As previously stated, the office is often like a second home mainly because we spend a substantial amount of time there. During that time, there is bound to be a person or two catching your eye from time to time. You see this person every day in their element and it just lights up your day at work. There is now something more interesting to think about, other than the stress from absurd work deadlines. Work crushes are absolutely normal. The decision to act on those feelings on the other hand is a whole different ball game given how murky the work environment can be.

The Always Busy Coworker

Finally we have the colleague who is always busy and never has time to help anyone with anything. They are always supposedly working on some super urgent task that could potentially put the whole department, if not the company at risk if not completed. In addition, they are always talking about how much work is on their plate beforehand as if to ward off any slight thought to ask them for absolutely anything.