Every one of us has faced rejection at some point in our lives. From the countless failed job interviews, rejected business proposals to the relationships that have caused us sleepless nights, wondering why we just couldn’t be enough for some people. It doesn’t get easier. The good thing is that it is temporary and it eventually passes. Feelings are like visitors, they come and go. However that still does not take away the fact that they still hurt! In hindsight, rejection is actually a good thing but we don’t always view it as such because we’re busy choking in self loathe. Here are 5 reasons that can help put things in perspective.

It saves you time and effort

Time is precious and once it passes, you can never get it back. You would rather spend your time and effort on something that is actually meant for you than something that is not. Rejection helps with that. Regardless of how negative it seems, it may just be trying to redirect you to something else that is worth your energy .With that said, the earlier you get a No, the better.

It gives you a new slate

There is nothing more refreshing than a new slate. Letting all that pain and frustration go and opening a new page. Sounds good, right? The best thing about it all is that now you know better. You have learnt so much now and are in a better position to try something else. Don’t be afraid to start a fresh!

You develop thick skin

The more rejection you face, the better for you as a person, especially when you learn how to deal with it. You become immune to it. You learn not to take it personally and most importantly you realize that any rejection you face has no bearing on who you are. You don’t lose out on a job interview and all of a sudden you become a worthless human being. It sounds harsh but deep down, these are the words you whisper to yourselves every other day

Your'e getting out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone is the most dangerous place to be in. You risk not living your lives to the fullest, being comfortable with just average. Average education! Average career! Average business! Average partner! Average family! Average LIFE! Catch my drift? Do not settle just because you are afraid of hearing the Nos. If anything, the Nos just confirm that you are taking risks and you’re putting yourself out there. That’s called living.

You're probably aiming small

How many times have we wanted something so badly and lost, just to gain something way better than we imagined. A lot of times, right? When we dwell on the losses and rejection, we close our minds to the endless opportunities that are out there, in the most unexpected places. Anything is possible! The problem is that we limit and restrict our potential to a single experience. Sometimes we get it wrong and we don’t always necessarily choose what is best for us. We should be aware of that notion and be willing to take other routes.

At least you tried

We all have different paths and what is meant for someone else may  not necessarily be meant for another. All that matters is that we tried our hand in that particular endeavor or activity. It is better to have tried than not, lest you start living with regret. Regret is a whole different ball game that you would want to stay away from. Another thing is that not everyone will like you and that’s okay. Like I said, at least you tried. Move along. There are about 7.7 billion more people who are yet to discover your glorious self.

Rejection is part of life and the earlier we learn how to accept that, the better. We also need to expose our children to this early enough, so that they don’t crumble at their first No out there, in real life. Don’t be hang up on people’s acceptance. It is a very restrictive way to live .You will get that job that you deserve. You will close the right business deal with the right people. You will get the right partner who will embrace you as you are .Everything will fall in place. Just be your authentic self, and the world will adjust. Give it time and be kind to yourself. The only approval you need is yours.