They say women give mixed signals. You never know what they really want. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when it comes to figuring out whether they like you or not. As a result, so many men mess up their chances as they try to woo them.

It’s a horrible feeling to read the signs wrong and make a move, only to find out she wasn’t interested at all, or that she was simply just being nice to you. Not only can this be embarrassing but it can hinder your ability and confidence to approach the next woman. And in some cases, if you do this one, too many times, you can get scarred for life.

Most ladies won’t come up straight to you and tell you that they like you. They will want you to figure that out on your own and do the necessary. Nevertheless, they’re not that malicious to let you wander in the dark just like that. They usually give off some hints here and there in the hopes that you will catch the drift. Ultimately, some do, some don’t.
Every lady is different. However there are some signs that tend to cut across the board. Here are some signs that could point you in the right direction.

1. They Will Find Excuses To Be Around You.

If a lady likes you, she will always find an excuse to be around you. She will always randomly appear where you are and pretend that she just happened to be in the area.

2. They Are Nervous Around You.

Picking up on other people’s body language is important. If a girl likes you, she will often start acting awkward around you; smiling nervously, stumbling over her words, avoiding eye contact or even start twitching unnecessarily.

3. She Makes An Effort To Be Extra Beautiful Whenever You Are Around.

Sometimes, if you run into her by accident you may find her wearing some random promotional T-shirt (watu wa Safaricom/Bamburi cement oye!) but whenever you make plans to see her, she wears the sexiest dresses she can find. She’s simply trying to impress you.

4. She Asks You Deep Personal Questions.

These questions will mostly center around personal topics such as family, relationships, childhood, hobbies, future plans et cetera. Through all these, she is just trying to get to know you better. If a girl is not interested, she won’t bother to ask you any of these.

5. She Unconsciously Starts Using Your Own Expressions.

When a girl likes you, she gets keen. She watches you closely and eventually starts to mirror your actions and even the way you speak.

6. You Catch Them Staring At You.

Eye contact is usually one of the most obvious tell-tale signs of someone who is interested in you. A girl can ogle at you from head to toe, without even knowing it. You will catch them soon enough, regardless of how much they try to avoid it.

7. She Is Never Too Busy To Respond To Your Messages.

When a girl likes you, she is readily available. Even when she is busy. Not only does she create time to respond to your messages but she also creates time for you in general.

8. She Acts On Your Recommendations.

A lady likes you when she takes your opinion seriously. When you recommend anything, whether it’s an outfit or a hairstyle she will act on it.

9. She Pays Attention To You In A Group Setting.

Ladies show interest when they pay the most attention to you in a group setting. You might not be the smartest person in the room but she will hang on your every word. She will respond to everything you say and make you feel important.

10. If You Get Sick or Hurt, She Gets Worried Beyond A Normal Friend.

When a lady likes you, she cares. She cares a lot more than you would think. When you get sick or hurt ,she gets really concerned and is willing to go all out to ensure you’re comfortable and okay.

11. She Shows Signs Of Jealousy.

She gets jealous over the pettiest things especially when it relates to other ladies. For instance, you might notice a change in her moods when you are extra nice to other ladies.

12. She Remembers Subtle Details About You.

A lady who likes you will remember the tiniest of details about you. They will remember every little thing you mentioned to them especially if you said it was important to you at the time.

13. She Gets Mad At You Over Things You Don't Understand.

She often gets hurt over things you would have otherwise ignored or things you don’t think are a big deal. It’s simply because she expects you to reciprocate her feelings. She expects you to do better.