I know some of you would read this and brush it off, saying ‘I’ve done this a million times ,I know what I’m doing’. But do you really? First dates are important and if not considered as such, they can make or break your  chances of finding a romantic partner. You like them. They like you back. You ask them out. What next? Here are a few tips that can get you on the right path.

Don't be too serious

This is not a job interview. There is no need of striving to coming up with questions or answers meant to cross check your date’s entire life. Baby steps. Focus on the need to know, on the first date. Avoid the sticky topics unless they potentially stand to be huge deal breakers for you and you don’t want to waste time second guessing their opinions on the same. Politics, religion, money, marriage, children et cetera. If you have to, bring them up in a light manner. Don’t be too serious. Declarations such as you’re only dating for marriage don’t help either,if you ask me. They sometimes set you up for disaster because you’re too focused on the future, you forget to be present. You end putting up with so much crap just because marriage is on the table. Date to be happy, and if happiness turns into marriage, you end up getting exactly what you wanted.

Don't Be Late

I know this has been said so many times but it doesn’t hurt to repeat. It can be a struggle (trust me…I’m always late) but be on time at least for the first date.Being fashionably late especially for a date with a new person is not a good look. Besides that date itself might just start off on a sour note.and nobody wants that.

Do Dress comfortably

Wear something nice. Something that is a total confidence booster. It will show and earn you even more points. However just make sure it is something that you can breath, walk and talk in. First date jitters are already enough to deal with. You don’t need any more pressure to deal with. Women love a good outfit so put in a little effort if  you can. Not the usual sweats plus don’t forget the cologne and gum. With that you should be all set.

Do Have a plan!

There is nothing more disappointing than meeting up with someone on the first date who throws back all the planning to you. What do we do? Where do we go ?Not only does this show lack of effort but it just emphasizes your indecisiveness as a person. Be the man and have a plan. Think it through. If you’re not sure, ask for what the lady would prefer BEFORE the date

Manners Maketh Man

For all who have never heard of this quote, you have to watch the movie Kingsmen. It essentially means that manners make us human and without them, we aren’t human. Good manners are a valuable asset that anyone can have cheaply. Be polite. Don’t walk ahead of her in the street. Don’t order for her what to eat. Be respectful and for pit sake, put your damn phone away. It is rude and it shows that you’re more interested in whatever is going on your phone than getting to know the person who is in front of you.


Do Listen

If you want to earn points with a lady, here is a simple no brainer. Listen to her when she speaks especially on the first date. Encourage her not only to speak but listen to her as well. Eye contact is key, just make sure you’re not staring at her for too long otherwise you’ll look like a creep. Linger on her ever word. It will make her feel like she’s the only one in the room. My friend, you will bag this date as soon as it starts.

Don't brag!

You could be teaching blind puppies to read for all we care. It doesn’t matter. Don’t brag about it for 2 hours straight. Just casually mention it and move along. Most men get caught up overly talking about their achievements, accolades, possessions. It’s a turn off. This is not to say that you shouldn’t talk about them at all in general. I mean, some men are genuinely great and are top achievers. It is who they are. What else will they talk about? Here is a tip that can help if that’s the case. Don’t talk about it unless asked. Just make sure not to jam it down her throat how incredibly amazingly, fantastically handsome and rich you are.

Do Offer to Pay

First dates are a huge deal. Even if you’re one of those guys who believe women should split costs on everything. Bring that up on the 7th or 8th date thereabout but leave the first date as it is. Offer to pay ! Take her somewhere nice. Make her feel special. If you’re not able to, then wait a little bit and save up. You can also be creative because dates don’t have to be overly expensive either. If the lady offers to chip in, well and good but don’t tell her to pay for anything.