They say men are the easiest to understand. They are simply wired. They say what they mean and they mean what they say. Well, I hate to break it to you, but that is a lot of bull, if you ask me. These folks are a difficult bunch. Getting a straight answer from them is often such a tall order. I mean, there definitely exists the exception to this rule. A few men here and there try. They hold up to what they say and don’t bother mincing their words. However, the majority are a piece of work. They have mastered the emotional framework of the female species and have it down to a tee. Simply put! They tell us what we want to hear and we happily fall for their lies every single time.

I have missed you!

Women love this one. The thought of someone obsessively reminiscing over memories of you and longing for your companionship is the most appealing thing, right? Two things! This man is probably bored out of his mind and just happens to be going through his contact list and your name just simply popped up. You could also have put up an IG story or any other kind of post on social media and Alas! Ladies, sorry but its not that deep!

You're overreacting!

This line gets thrown a lot during arguments and to be honest, sometimes women can overreact. Just a little bit:) However most of the time when men say this, its just a ploy to deflect the attention from the issue being discussed. Better yet, he simply just cannot come up with a good enough excuse to slither himself out of that situation so what better tactic than make you feel like the crazy one!

I like simple things!

“I don’t fancy going to restaurants.”” I prefer walking for 2km everyday for absolutely no reason.” Here is a good one,” lets just chill at home, everything we need is here in the house.” Ahem! I don’t know how to politely put this but this chap is broke and simply cannot afford these things or he is just plain stingy. Worst thing is that  years down the line, you may get to hear how he does all these things for his new girlfriend if things don’t work out with you. Why is that?..mmhm..So….Stay wise.

Come Through And Chill

This is 2020! Stop falling for this lie. When a man invites you over, citing interests in just chilling,99.98% of the time he is lying through his teeth and wants much much more than that.Let me break it down to you:

  • “Let’s go for a drink and chill at my place” <<< sex
  • “Hey, want to watch a movie at my place.”<<<sex
  • “I wanna show you some new furniture that I got at my place.”<<seeex

I'm separated!

Separated! Such a politically correct word, isn’t it? What does it even mean, you know? Let’s not talk about the married folks here for a minute. This goes out to the ‘single’ community. When a man says this, it just means either he currently just had a huge argument with his partner or probably they are going through a temporary hiatus. However trust me, she is still in the picture. So don’t be quick to put him in the clear lest you end up getting caught up with baggage you cannot handle.

I would love to hear any more lines you have heard of. Please drop them in the comments.:)