It’s no secret that women are not the most straight forward of beings. They are complex and difficult to understand.Heck I dont even think women understand themselves to start with. By nature, women are not too confrontational-I mean I know a few crazy ones but most of them are nice unless triggered.They don’t always mean what they say and don’t always say what they mean. As a result, many men have been caught on the receiving end. There is no rational explanation for this and I don’t think they are about to change anytime soon. Here are a few phrases to help you out next time when you try to figure out what a woman is actually saying. Ready?

I Think It's Funny How...

Women here are absolutely not amused by your antics. They are not only disappointed  but surprised that you did whatever you did, without being considerate of their feelings.

Maybe Or I'll Let You Know Or We'll see..

Sadly, all these phrases mean No.If you ask a woman out and you get these kinds of responses, then it means you either need to keep it moving or drastically change up your strategy.When a woman wants to meet up with you, she will either say yes or reschedule by giving an alternative time and date.Simple!

I'm Not That Hungry

What they really mean is that you should order enough for two. They are going to be picking off quite an amount from your plate with time and you should be okay with it.

Don't Worry About It!

Translation: You’re a let down. You screwed up terribly and these ladies have no energy to go back and forth on the issue with you. They will instead clean up your mess and do the job themselves.

I'm Just Looking For A Guy Who Can Make Me Laugh

 What do women look for in a guy? A question so simple yet so complex at the same time. When women answer by saying they are simply looking for a  guy who can make them laugh; they really mean that they are looking for an extremely attractive,sweet, financially stable, understanding, confident, ambitious amongst many other qualities who just happens to make them laugh from time to time.

Let's Take Things Slow

Women here might be having at least one or two other guys on queue right now, and they haven’t decided yet which one of them they like more.

I'm Fine

This means that they are absolutely not okay and they would like to discuss the matter in detail. If you could spare between 30 min and 1 hour to listen to them rant, you’d be earning major points with them

The Problem Is Not You. It's Me

Here the problem is definitely you and they have probably had numerous conversations with you over those issues. Either you didn’t bother to listen to them or you just didn’t take them seriously. In addition, these conversations have been too long and draining and the last thing they want is to revisit the topic while giving a reason for the break up.